Why People Find Implementing A Healthy Eating Plan So Difficult?

This poses a very interesting problem before some people who know the facts and benefits of healthy eating and a well balanced diet plan, but implementing a healthy eating plan is quite a challenge for a few.

Generally it is two types of problem while implementing a healthy eating plan.

All the marketing hype led people to believe that healthy eating is all about an ideal diet which is costly and a lot of food supplements which are even more beyond the reach of common people. All they try is to religiously consume the daily recommended dose of all vitamins and minerals as prescribed by health authorities or government agencies. For them this is all they need to reap the benefits of healthy eating habit.

Fact is healthy eating is not limited by an ideal diet and a lot of supplements. Your purpose should be to avoid deficiency of any nutrients in your body. And that can be ensured by a balanced diet. You may not be rich enough to afford all the supplements in the market to fulfill all the needs of vitamins and minerals by the body. But you can certainly be conscious to bring a balance in your diet which is more important. And there are much more concept to healthy eating which when practiced will ensure you a very good and disease free health.

For some, implementing a healthy eating plan is just the challenge to adopt a restrictive healthy eating. They know all the stuffs and rules of good health but bringing discipline is a problem for them. Now this is really a big challenge.

Going by health rules, Food is not a toy to play with. Eating is a duty and eating is a responsibility. But eating is also a pleasure for most people. Taking delicious food is as desirous a thing in life as earning money. How can you curb that urge to take hazardous but mouth watering foods?

Certainly this is difficult. So what comes as solution is restrictive healthy eating which is a compromise between ideal food habits and the most damaging ones. In youth when you are full of vitality, you can say “I eat everything and nothing hurts me “. But time comes when you say “I can eat nothing, everything hurts me”. So follow such rules in your food habits so that you can take your favorite food (even if it is a health damaging one) all along. If you like sweets, then show restraint in your youth so that you can take it all through your life.

So the grand secret of a vibrant health is to learn to live within limitations. Our body has got a wonderful capacity of adaptation and toleration. But there is a limit. When you go beyond the limit, body starts striking back. And if you still ignore, the body goes into pieces. This is what is restrictive healthy eating.


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