What Really Is Healthy Eating?

You are probably familiar with the Standard American Diet (SAD). It is what’s taught and what’s advocated by a lot of people, but is it really healthy eating? With so many of the items found on it processed, enriched, and sugar laden does it really seem like something you should be following, does it? I certainly don’t think so. However, many people do think it is good for them and many people think that they are eating healthy by following the SAD way. But, just look at what it spells. You can do a lot better by choosing organic and real food – less of that man made stuff.

A lot of people want to start eating better, but it may be confusing or overwhelming these days on really where to begin or what to believe. People substitute margarine for something natural like butter. People are also substituting natural food for packaged items. Why? We really aren’t taught the truth and people are led to think that it is more convenient and healthy to eat what companies are telling us is ‘food’. Convenient, maybe, but it is not going to be the healthy choice. Anyway, convenience is just a state of mind. When you change the way you look at your food, you will also be changing the way you look at what is convenient and what isn’t.

Even so-called ‘Enriched’ foods are not natural. They are still manmade and synthetic, you are better off with the real deal. Think about it, why would you need to enrich your food with the nutrients that were leached out of it when it was processed in the first place? If you only took your food in its real state, there will be no need to enrich anything or read labels for that matter. The food will give you all you need when it is left on its own and when one eats a variety.

There is also more to healthy eating than following a set of rules. In fact, I think that there should be no rules other than following what is good for you. The trouble with things like SAD is that when we perceive that the advice we get is handed out by someone or some group we consider as experts, we tend to suspend our own judgment. That should never be the case.

What you should do instead is to listen to your body. Keep yourself as subjective as possible. Do what is best for yourself. Adhering to certain guidelines can be very stressful and it creates unnecessary pressure. Instead of worrying over not being able to meet certain standards in a meal plan, you should just work with whatever comes easy for you. Go organic and raw whenever possible. Do your best to get the best quality foods that you can get – this includes your water and even spices and herbs.

Healthy eating is going to vary from one person to another to some degree. How you take to something will not necessarily be how others take to it. Make your diet as healthy, real and natural as possible. Do what works for you. Just make sure that you eat as much raw food and organic foods as you can. Doing that is going to give the body the right nutrition, enzymes, real vitamins and minerals and you will feel the difference.


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