Understanding Family PACT

Family PACT is a medical service provided in California in the United States and is a family planning service which is offered completely free of charge to cut the risk of unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

There are certain criteria which must be met to qualify for family PACT, not everyone can quality. The first thing is that you must be registered as a California resident. Those outside the state do not quality for this health service. Second your income must be less than two hundred percent below the accepted poverty guidelines. If you score above this, then you will not qualify.

The last criteria to qualifying for family PACT is that you cannot have any other health care cover. With Obama care, most people now have some form of medical cover, often provided by their company. Those that do not enjoy the peace of mind of full-time employment or are unemployed may well qualify for this service which can reduce the risk of pregnancy, which will leave them in only deeper financial trouble.

It is important that you find a medical center or hospital which caters for family PACT. Bear in mind this is not going to be available at all hospitals, so you may want to do your homework to find which centers you can visit in your local area to get this service as you must apply in person.

Family PACT provides a host of services from emergency contraception to prevention and screening. They do HIV tests and cervical screenings, they also provide various birth control methods which are determined based on the patient. Some patients may prefer taking a pill each day if they have a good memory and are focused on eliminating any risk of pregnancy, while younger patients may help from an injection that they get every few weeks, which is ideal if the chances of them forgetting the pill is increased.

It is important to bear in mind that family PACT is only valid for one year, after which you must register. It is essential that the patient remembers to register when their year is up. This is to make sure that they are in the same financial situation and also make sure that they are still living in the state. Forgetting to re-register can result in the patient not getting the care they need, which may lead to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease as a result.

There are some important factors to take into consideration when deciding which facility to join offering family PACT. Do you speak English? This is the first consideration. A patient that doesn’t speak fluent English or very broken English will benefit from going to a facility where they speak their language. This ensures they get the care that they need from how often to take their birth control to what options are available to them.

Location is going to be another big deciding factor, patients without a decent income may not have the money to get to a center which is located far from their home. They may rely on walking to get to where they need to go, which means that they need to choose with care. If you are the patient or you are referring a patient for family PACT, then find a center or hospital close to their home that speaks their language and can accommodate them moving forward.

The patient should feel comfortable when getting these services, their information should remain confidential, enabling them to get the care they need with complete peace of mind at all times.


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