Top and Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

If you eat healthy foods every day and it becomes your habit, you would not suffer from over weight anymore.

When I got married with my husband, his weight was about 205 Pounds, 7 years ago. Now his weight is 146.08 Pounds. He lost 58.92 Pounds naturally by continuing eating what I cooked every day.

He lost weight in the first year about 30 Pounds by eating a lot, three times a day. He didn’t do any diet, completely stress free, just eating my healthy meals. No rebound.

Until then what he had been eating was pizza , sandwiches, Burgers, French fries, fried chicken, heavy sauce pasta, ice cream, coca cola.

Even though he was not eating much at that time, his weight was always up and down and could not lose much weight.

Here is my top healthy foods lists which keep us healthy with thin body.

1. Tofu ( silken : 58 calories, Farm : 77 calories, it’s made from soy, very healthy. )

2. Seaweeds ( 0 calories, good to put in the salad or soup, that makes you feel full.)

3. Sea foods – ( crab, shrimp, prawn oyster, squid, etc.., )

4. Vegetables – Leeks, green onion, onion, sprouts, cabbage, reddish, carrot, Napa, spinach, broccoli, tomato, asparagus, green beans,( all the vegetables have very low calories. )

6. Mushroom – 0 calories,

7. Strawberries ( one medium size : 8 calories, a lot of Vitamin C contains ), nectarine, apple,


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