Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy As You Age

If you’re curious about how to stay fit as you head into your golden years, then you’re not alone. Staying healthy into old age often requires lifestyle changes. Here are some of the most widely recognized expert-recommended ways to stay healthy into old age.

  1. Eat Healthy – Eating a healthy diet means staying away from fast food, avoiding trans fats, refined sugars, and other harmful food additives and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Balance is the key when it comes to dieting. Restrictive diets aren’t necessarily the best approach to eating healthy. If you’re trying to keep your body in good health, choose a diversity of foods to eat, but stay away from highly processed foods.


  1. Drink Water – Instead of drinking soda or juice, choose water. Water has a detoxifying effect on the body and if you don’t drink enough water, toxins and metabolic byproducts build up in your body. Choosing water over juice can also help you lose a few extra pounds too by reducing your caloric intake each day. The body needs water for every chemical reaction that takes place internally. Without water, your body simply doesn’t function properly.


  1. Lose Weight – If you follow the advice above, then losing weight will probably happen naturally. If you’re carrying around extra pounds, your body suffers for it. Each pound of fat requires a blood supply and that means the heart has to work harder to keep the body’s fat stores supplied. When you lose weight, you take a load off your heart, which is a step in the right direction toward good health.


  1. Exercise – Moderate exercise performed regularly is an important part of staying healthy as you age. Don’t turn into a couch potato! Get up and move! Exercise keeps the blood pumping through the body to nourish cells and tissues. Exercise also promotes weight loss by burning extra calories and causing you to crave foods that are healthier for you. Be sure you drink plenty of water when you’re exercising!


  1. Reduce Stress – Stress can cause all kinds of problems for your body. Stress can cause your blood pressure to go up, your blood sugars to go askew, and your hormones to get out of whack. Some people have to get natural hormone replacement therapy just to rebalance things if they’ve had an overabundance of stress in their lives for many years. By keeping your stress levels under control, you can avoid circulatory and hormonal problems as long as possible.

Everyone wants to age gracefully and if you’re at the time in your life when you’re thinking about these things, it’s time to do something. Take up a healthy lifestyle that will help your body function at it’s best for as long as possible!


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