Top 3 Tips on How to Eat Your Way to Fitness

What parent does not want their children to live a healthy lifestyle? We all want the best for our kids. But if we want our kids to eat healthy, we have to start early. Let us make healthy eating a habit. Or else – after they start eating pizza and fast food – they might never discover the joys of eating a healthy meal. Here are a few tricks on how to convince your children to eat healthy.

Start early. It is never too early to start eating healthy. So make a diet of fruits and vegetables a family habit. Instead of ice cream, have fruit salad for dessert. Instead of pizza for dinner, go for garden salad and grilled chicken. You can substitute unhealthy and processed foods for delicious and healthier alternatives.

Make meal time enjoyable.Most parents high handedly order their children to sit down and eat their spinach. As a result the kids come to view eating spinach or other vegetables as a punishment or a painful ordeal they have to go through before they can watch tv. So make eating healthy a fun experience for everyone. Instead of the autocratic approach, try being democratic for once. It just might work.

Cook healthy and delicious meals. Yes, healthy food can also be delicious. It all lies in how it is cooked. There are a lot of healthy and yummy recipes online that you might want to try. Your kids will never look at spinach the same way again.

Be firm. When you say something, stick to it. That way your child will come to rely on your word. When you say something, mean it. If they do not like the food tell them that is all you prepared for dinner, and that’s that. So either they go hungry or eat.


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