Three Tips For Healthy Skin

I don’t know about you but I spent most of my youth worshiping the sun, eating foods I wasn’t supposed to and never wondering about what tomorrow would bring. Now that I am older, I realize how much I should have valued my younger days.

Let’s face it…we all want to look young forever. I sometimes wish I could start at 90 and go backwards, enjoying the fruits of my youth but the wisdom of my age.

In this article, I decided to give tips for healthy skin as the years come upon you.

There are three ways to have the skin you want starting today:

1. Diets for healthy skin. No this doesn’t include fast food like burgers, fries and over processed foods. You should be consuming the right types of food which should be rich in antioxidants. This means avoiding sugar as well. It has been shown over time to damage one of our most vital skin proteins, collagen. Its fibers keep our skin smooth, soft and elastic. Stick to foods like soy, broccoli, spinach, berries and healthy fatty proteins like salmon.

2. Consume plenty of fluids. I cannot stress enough in my tips for healthy skin the importance of drinking water, filtered if available, at about 8 glasses in one day. Or better yet, why not try green tea? Green tea is rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals, preventing damage to your skin’s cells. This is another big reason our skin tends to age before its time.

3. Using high quality skin care lines. When you take the time to invest products with clinically proven ingredients, you’ve probably discovered one of the biggest tips for healthy skin. Just that knowledge alone can change the way your skin will look into the future.


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