The Easy Way to Start Eating Healthy

Most peoples daily lives are based around habits. You do the main big weekly shop on the same day every week, you give the kids a bath same day every week and have an extra nice Sunday dinner every Sunday.

You as a person, thrive on habits and by having a routine in your life, you feel comforted in the fact that you know exactly what’s going to happen when it happens, well, for most people anyway.

This is a big part of the reason you might find it so hard to stick to a healthier lifestyle. Because you have grown up with your parents making food decisions for you and chances are you grew up loving all the wrong foods.

So it’s going to take a conscious effort to break the habits of a lifetime in your adult life, where you have full control of your health and your children’s health, (if you have any)!

Changing Unhealthy Eating Habits to Healthy Ones

When it comes to making healthier food choices you need to change little things gradually. Eventually you will have effortlessly altered your eating habits for the better and changed your unhealthy eating habits forever. In return you get a healthier immune system, better conditioned skin and hair, as well as a trim waist line and fewer health problems.

A good pointer before you start to introduce the changes is to keep a food diary for about 1 to 2 weeks prior to changing. Everything that you eat, down to the smallest item should be put in the diary. It is only when you write down what you ate will you realize how much you have actually put into your body.

What Little Changes You Could Make to See A Big Difference

The changes you make have to be realistic. For example if you don’t like eating Brussels sprouts then there is no point in putting them on the menu throughout the week just because there very nutritious, as this new change won’t last to long eating something your not too keen on.

But the little changes you can make is to add more fruit and veg that you like, into your day. The more color the better as you will be getting plenty of nutrition. Think fresh berries with that yogurt or that added banana to your lunch.

If you stick to your healthier eating habits of introducing more nutritious foods, and keeping your consumption of high calorie, low fat and high sugar foods to a minimum, you will notice a reduction in your food cravings also. Basically your training you’re body to want healthy food.

You don’t have to change drastically, here are some things that will make your transition to a healthier diet easier:

1- Swap mayo for mustard on your sandwich as there is a lot less calories in mustard than there is in mayo.

2- Ditch the white bread and choose the more nutrition and fiber packed wholegrain bread.

3- Choose white meat where possible such as chicken and turkey. Red meat has much more calories and so does pork. Also keep in mind that fat of animals is the highest source of unhealthy fats that cause high cholesterol.

4- Where possible choose fish over any meat because even white meat isn’t as healthy as fish.

5- Avoid shallow or deep frying at all costs. If you must fry food use a spray or a non stick pan instead of fatty oils.

6- To see a major change in your health and weight you should gradually cut out soda’s from your diet. They are a huge source of calories and bloating. Instead you should drink diluted juice, water ideally up to 8 glasses a day for a healthy metabolism or even herbal tea.

7- When it comes to drinking fruit juices, they aren’t really a healthy option. Instead of drinking a glass of orange juice it would benefit you more if in fact you just ate an orange. A whole orange is more filling and nutrition where as the juice is just high in calories and sugar.

8- Don’t cover your food with sauces or dressing instead pour a little onto the side of your plate. You will eat less yet still get the taste.

9- If you must drink milk, skimmed milk is your best option. Milk may be packed with calcium but it is also very high in fat. You can get enough calcium from your green veg and other low fat dairy product you eat.

10- Use low fat cheese and not full fat.

11- Always snack on healthy foods such as fruit or low fat yogurt’s. This will prevent energy slumps that sugary snacks tend to give you.

12- Don’t pack your plate out with food, you need to really concentrate on serving yourself up smaller meals, in time they will become enough as your stomach will shrink. If you find this part difficult you could always use an appetite suppressant to make you feel fuller much sooner than you normally would, they are an excellent weight loss aid.

Serve your dinner on a smaller plate so your mind thinks you’re getting a big dinner even though it’s a smaller portion on a smaller plate.

This isn’t a hard task, you CAN do this. It’s not about cutting out all the bad foods you love but it’s about introducing healthier foods on a regular basis. Remember, a little of what you like is a good thing, just think moderation! Eat that half size chocolate bar instead of a full size one and so on. It will get easier.


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