Taking the Time to Eat Healthy

In today’s society a lot people tend to shovel food into their mouths without thinking about the nutritional value. As our lives get busier and more hectic every day, we tend to eat whatever is handy at the moment. That’s a bad habit with serious downside. Invest a little time in yourself and plan your diet. Don’t just eat whatever is lying around. Get some structure around the foods you eat, Balance your intake and start taking the time to eat healthy.

1. Start eating healthy by getting up early. Allow yourself the time to put into a healthy breakfast to get your day started right. It’s so common these days for people to wake up late and rush out the door with a pop tart in their hand. If you’re up early you can stop rushing which will lower your stress and your options of food will expand.

2. Pack yourself some snacks to keep handy while you’re on the go. It’s nice to have some fruits and vegetables readily available. Prepare them into a plastic container, keep them in fridge and bring them with you. Throughout your day they’ll be convenient to have when that unexpected hunger sets in.

3. When you are home in the evening don’t go for that frozen pizza or hot pocket. Instead take the time to make a huge meal. Don’t focus on just one item either, make something substantial like a meat dish. Focus on trying new things; you wouldn’t believe all the possibilities you have with a piece of chicken. The internet is a great place for recipes and new ideas. Always be sure to compliment it with some sides. Steamed vegetables and potatoes are my favorite.

4. When making a home cooked meal, be sure to make a lot. Left over’s make a great meal for the next day. Just throw it some Tupperware and heat it up in the microwave when you’re hungry again. This is a great way to eat healthy with minimal effort. Left over’s are a different, more healthy way of fast food.

When you eat well, you feel good inside. When you eat poorly all the time, you can really start to feel it. Without the right fuel, your body won’t function to its fullest. It’s very important to watch our intake of food and to take care of our bodies. By taking the time to eat healthy you could be adding several years to your life.

Life is what you make it, stay positive and moving forward.

Peace & Love,


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