Staying Healthy In College

Health and college are two words that most people know don’t go together. With the wild parties, late night studying sessions, lack of time to make your own food, and lack of money it’s no wonder so many college students begin to make unhealthy decisions!

It’s expected that when one enters college they will have to sacrifice some amenities that living back home offered such as:

  • Home cooked meals with natural healthy ingredients
  • A consistent time to go to sleep
  • Never having to worry about paying for your own food, you got your parents!
  • Easy transportation from your family

When left out in the real world and having to save extra money for books, paper, pens, and gas…little money is left for buying food. As a result, most college students opt for the cheaper alternative and sacrifice staying healthy in college.

Is there another way?

Fortunately you can still eat healthy with low money. The key is to purchase natural and healthy foods over the unhealthy alternatives. There are many junk food items out there in the stores. In fact, most foods in grocery stores are junk foods. Opt for more natural and unprocessed foods as a way to staying healthy in college.

The Cafeteria

I’d have to say that the biggest reason I started struggling with health and staying in shape during college was the fact that I had a meal plan. Eating at the cafeteria is very convenient as they have a wide variety of food choices. You’re also very close to other friends and can meet new people, socialize, etc there.

The problem I had with eating at a cafeteria and staying healthy in college was the wide amount of junk foods they had there. Yes, they had a healthy foods section but the size of that section was radically smaller than the other foods. In general, they catered to eating “average” foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, etc. These types of meals, although better prepared than fast food restaurants, still are very high in calories. Eating this type of food on a daily basis is almost a guaranteed way to start adding weight.


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