Simple Tips How to Buy Healthy Hermit Crabs

Buying healthy hermit crabs is sometimes not that easy to determine so it is best that you know all the important tips in distinguishing a healthy crab. These crabs are naturally shy that is why it is hard to let them out of their shell to determine if they are alive or healthy as well. In this case, a lot of patience is badly needed. Wait for your chosen crab to come out of its shell. If ever it does not come of its shell for few minutes then just pick them up and feel if it is still alive. A hermit crab that is not moving, not active and lethargic may be a sign that the crab is sick or dying.

In order to buy hermit crabs, one thing that you must check is if it is infected with mites. A crab that is infected with mites is not good for other crabs for they will get infected also. It is better to provide them also an isolation tank in case that it happens. Once you have notice some mites, immediately find another pet store that has really healthy crabs. Be a wise buyer to avoid wasting money and effort in buying hermits. You must know the signs of illnesses of these crabs to make you really know which is healthy and which is not.

Buying healthy hermit crabs like the purple pincher and the equadorian crabs are advisable for pets at home. The most popular is the purple pincher or land crabs because they are said to be easy to take care and are not as delicate as others. These crabs are good for beginners who are trying their skills in hermit crab growing. Most people nowadays choose hermit crabs as one of their pets at home for they are really entertaining and enjoyable pets even though they are not as cuddly like other pets.

These are just some of the tips in buying healthy hermit crabs that you should keep in mind especially if you want them as your pets at home. Good thing that you can buy hermit crabs everywhere because of its popularity as a pet. Enjoy and have fun living with hermit crabs.

Scott Thompson is a hermit crabs expert.


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