Secrets of a Healthy Marriage

What will make a marriage work? A marriage is not as simple as saying “I do” and put on the ring. It takes two hands to clap and understanding what is respect and balance in the relationship is very important too. What are the secrets of a healthy marriage?

– Do not let money rule your heart
Many couples divorced over argument on money. They tend to quarrel on topics like where did this money go, why are you borrowing money from me, why you did not save this much of money this month or this and that about money. They let the money rule their heart to do things when they have to pay for their commitments like house, car or utilities bills etc.

– Do not be a control freak
One of the successes of a healthy marriage is to maintain a balance in the relationship. Being overly control over your partner’s life is as good as taking away their freedom that they ought to have.

– Do not show your jealousy too much
Trust is very important for a healthy marriage. The common signs of showing out your jealousy can be from checking your spouse’s email, hand phone or getting emotional when your spouse talk to opposite sex. If you want to keep a marriage healthy, don’t do this.

– Keep your marriage fresh and alive
Spice up your love life with little surprises and certain random stuffs will perk up your sex life and make both of you to be close together. How about a sexy lingerie?

– Have confidence
Have confidence in yourself. Your wife or husband would love to see you in your best form. Women or men always look good when they are confident.


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