Orange juice helps to improve memory

Results of a study showed that taking a daily glass of orange juice helps in improving memory.

And participated in the study, conducted by scientists from Britain’s University of Reading 24 women and 13 men, aged between 60-81 years.

Results of the study showed that chemicals found in orange juice improves blood circulation and protect nerve cells from oxidation processes caused by stress, and help cells to send signals.

According to expert opinion, flavonoids, found in oranges affect, in a positive memory, where it seems as active signals in ways “hippocampus” area of ​​the brain.

Persons who participated in this study were in good health, and asked them to researchers a half liters of orange juice a day for 8 weeks.

Researchers values ​​memory of all participants before and after the end of the eighth week, and found it improved by 8%, so the elderly scientists try eating orange juice a day and on a regular basis.

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