New Healthy Chocolate That Could Change Your Life

There are times in life during which it seems that all of the planets are aligned perfectly which allows for positive circumstances to flow in our direction. Examples of this might be having good fortune in business, falling in love, or just a feeling of goodwill surrounding us. There has occurred in recent weeks the birth of a phenomenon that may be included with these types of advantageous events. It’s a new healthy chocolate that shifts moods, lifts energy and curbs appetites.

Traditionally the words “healthy chocolate” seemed to be an oxymoron. There was then the proof that dark chocolate had an antioxidant power. There now exists a new product that can put you in a good mood, give you more energy, help satisfy your cravings, provide a very powerful combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals great for your brain health and perhaps may be the best tasting chocolate you have ever had.

This healthy chocolate, which can also be considered a “happy chocolate” was developed by Dr. Paul Anderson who has a history of helping people with non-drug and nutritional remedies for chronic pain and depression. He does not consider his product to be chocolate like the traditional dark chocolate in stores but rather “what this is is a dietary supplement. We’ve put amino acids and vitamins and minerals but we happen to put them into a chocolate and the reason we put them into a chocolate is chocolate potentiates or makes the nutrients work better.” In effect it’s about “turning on that brain, elevating that mood.”

Another advantage that this new healthy chocolate has over the typical fat and sugar packed variety is that each piece has only 40 calories and contains little sugar. Also, the energy received from this new nutritional wonder is not the frantic kind as received from standard chocolate that lasts for a very limited time and leads to a crash into a sense of listlessness. The new variety can keep the mood elevated from 4 to 6 hours after each enjoyable consumption and its effect fades away gradually.


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