Lose Fat Fast With Healthy Food – Low Carb Food List

OK, hands up who knows what foods are low in carbohydrates, and which are loaded with them. If you were to ask this question in a busy room, do not expect there to be many hands raised. This is the kind of knowledge which eludes most people, hampering their efforts to lose weight. Having a low carb food list, puts you ahead of the rest, and well on the road to fat loss.

The importance of carbs

Carbohydrates are fuel for the body, this is where you get your energy from, but they can also pile on unwanted pounds. When someone says that they are on a diet, they do not specify whether it is healthy or not. What we eat everyday is considered to be our diet, therefore, there is a vast difference between being on a diet, and eating healthily.

The glycemic index is a great indicator of how high a food is in carbohydrates. If the food is up at 100 on the index, then it is a killer for sugar, a definite no no. The higher a food is in the index, the quicker the sugar from carbohydrates gets absorbed into the bloodstream, causing fat storage. Foods that would be on a low carb food list, will also be present in the glycemic index, but much closer to zero. These cause sugar to be absorbed slowly, great for avoiding weight gain.

Some low carb foods

Vegetables are a superb food, with greens like spinach and lettuce containing a minuscule 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Green beans completely trump their black and red bean cousins as they have only 5 grams per serving. Simply put, eating a whole host of vegetables is one of the best things you can do because they can be very filling, yet contain nothing but goodness, and should be a staple for any diet.

Foods that are lower on the glycemic index contain complex carbohydrates, also known as ‘good carbs’. These are carbohydrates that do not come from sugar, therefore, you can help yourself to a sizeable quantity without worrying about weight gain. Simple changes like substituting wholemeal bread for white bread will work wonders for you. And of course, one cannot forget vegetables, which should be at the top of any low carb food list.

One or two simple changes and/or additions to your diet could add years of good health to your life. To benefit even more from your new healthy diet, you should have a look at an online weight loss program which will accelerate your fat burning for great results.


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