I’m Sick of Healthy Foods – Help!

Not surprised! While there are certainly healthy menus, as a daily meal, they are pretty bland. It is boring and worse to eat a limited diet everyday and it can finally lead to bingeing. Fortunately, eating low-calorie does not mean low variety. Actually, there is an assortment of great-tasting lean protein, wholegrain, fruit and veggies out there. Here are the ways to add excitement to those healthy foods.

Baked or streamed fish, pork tenderloin, a piece of lean red meat are some tasty menus instead of grilled chicken. If you are a healthy vegetarian you should try Whole-Wheat pasta mixed with black bean and ketchup. You may add a cup of beans about 15 g. of protein and 15 g. of filling high fiber. In order to fulfill your veggie portion, putting roasted vegetable on your meal is a tasty way because this method will brings out their sweetness and juicy taste. For preparation, you just simply slice a variety of vegetables such as red pepper, eggplant, onions and mushroom then mix with a little olive oil and bake at 350 F for thirty minutes. Instead of boring salads, add sliced pears, apples, oranges, chopped walnuts or even fat-free cheese like Kraft parmesan cheese.

Avoid brown rice and replace with whole-wheat couscous or bulgur. They not only benefit for our body but also can cook quickly. Then you can add some toppings like diced dried apricot, cherries, or any seasoning like garlic, scallions, and chives.

Add speaking of tea and toast during each meals, for fun and variety, mix ginger, lemon, or that glorious liquid gold, honey into it. Smoothies are one of the great choices. Do you like yoghurt? How about adding some fruits? You can add a little bit sugar. There are many of recipes online, try one.


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