How to Use Blood Glucose Monitors 2015?

Following are some detailed steps, which can assist you in using the device:

1) Open the package with extreme caution.

2) Make sure that you have washed your hands with mild soap before proceeding further.

3) Take out the lancing device, glucose monitoring strips and the blood glucose monitor.

4) Insert a fresh (unused) lance in the lancing device. Now you need to set it to 3, which is usually achieved by rotating the base. Prime it.

5) Insert the code chip into the receptacle.

6) Once you’re done, turn on the device and wait till a code appears on the digital display. If no code appears, it means that the monitor and test strip is not synchronized properly.

7) Take out an unused glucose strip and be ready with it. Hold the lancing device vertically on the tip of your finger and release the trigger. A fine and tiny hole will be punctured in your skin. If you can’t see a small drop of blood, you might press around the area till you can.

8) Switch on the blood glucose monitor and pause until the blood icon flashes. After that, sweep the end of the glucose strip athwart the drop of blood.

9) Insert the glucose strip into the receptacle and wait for the results.

10) Note down the reading and remove the used lance as well as the glucose strip. Discard them. Turn off the device and keep it in a safe place.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can accurately keep a track on the blood sugar level without visiting a doctor for the same. The diabetic patients are advised to keep the equipment with them always.

Sunil Kumar is working as a content developer for Omron India, a brand offering reliable and high-end blood glucose monitors to consumers facilitating them in keeping a check on their blood sugar levels without paying a visit to the doctor.


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