How to Stop smoking in pregnancy

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Protecting your child from exposure to tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to your baby a healthy start in life to give. Not too late to quit smoking at all. Every cigarette Tdkhnenha contains more than 4,000 chemicals, and smoking during pregnancy harm the fetus. Cigarettes can limit the supply of oxygen is necessary for your child, so it must be his heart beating strongly to overcome so every time you smoke it.

If you stopped smoking now
Will quit smoking benefit you and your child immediately. It will come out harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals from your body and materials. When Tqlaan smoking:

• Staanin from morning sickness and pregnancy complications are less.
• increase the chances that you have a healthy pregnancy and baby healthier
• will reduce the risk of (stillbirth) or stillbirth
• Sttaaji better with birth
• Your child will be less likely to give birth too early, where Tdatrin to cope with breathing problems, feeding and additional health problems that often accompanies born premature
• reduces the likelihood that your baby is born underweight: The children of women smokers, lighter than other children on average 200 grams (about 80 ounces), which may cause problems during and after for example, are more susceptible to the problems of heat preservation and more likely infection
• Stqll the risk of death of the child in the cradle, also called sudden infant death (Find out how to reduce the risk of
Cot death)

Quit smoking will benefit your child later in life. The children of parents smokers are more likely to suffer from asthma and other more serious diseases that may need treatment in hospital.

Whenever stopped smoking sooner, the better. Even if it took off in the last few weeks of pregnancy, this will benefit you and your child.

Second-hand smoke (passive smoking)

If your partner or anyone else living with you smokes, the smoke can affect you and the child both before and after birth. May also you find it difficult to quit if someone else in your surroundings Smoker.

Also reduce second-hand smoke from the baby’s weight at birth and increases the risk of cot death syndrome. Children of parents smokers are more likely to be hospitalized due to bronchitis and pneumonia during the first year of life. Where is the introduction of more than 17,000 children under the age of five in the hospital every year because of the effects of second-hand smoke.

Whether you can, you should try to quit without using nicotine replacement therapy because it is much better for you. You must use nicotine replacement therapy only in the event of failure to quit smoking without him. As with any medication, it is important to talk to your doctor or midwife or pharmacist before using it.

Nicotine replacement therapy containing nicotine and some non-harmful chemicals in cigarettes, so Aotair much better than continuing to smoke an option. Therapy helps you by giving you nicotine when they are in need of cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy is available as follows:
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• labels
• gum
• nasal spray
• mouth spray
• Tablets
• mini discs

Before using any of these products, you should talk to your midwife or doctor, or pharmacist or a specialist adviser to quit smoking.

Obtaining advice from a specialist, you can be sure that Matqomin is best for you and your child. Remember that your success chances to stop smoking if you multiply the advice of an experienced adviser.

It should be used as an alternative therapy nicotine patches for a period not exceeding 16 hours at any time of the 24-hour period. The best way to continue this is to remove the label at bedtime. Avoid the use of labels, if you suffer from nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy. And then it should consider using other forms of nicotine replacement therapy.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid nicotine products licorice flavor. Although there is no known risk to small amounts of licorice flavor, the manufacturers recommend caution. This caution is based on the information about the negative effects of use of excessive amounts of licorice root. And the availability of different flavors, pregnant women are advised to choose alternative flavor, such as fruit or mint.

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