How to Save Money and Eat Healthy With Plastic Travel Containers

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If developing healthy nutrition is one of the main priorities you’re focusing on right now to help lose weight, one of the most important tools you need to have stocked on hand are plastic leftover containers. These inexpensive marvels, also known as “to-go” or travel containers, make it simple to pack away any food that hasn’t been consumed at a meal in order to be enjoyed at a later time.

In other words, you don’t have to resort to tossing out perfectly edible food just because there is nothing to store it in. Travel containers take care of this issue each and every time. And since they are washable (dishwasher safe too), once you purchase your set and take care not to lose the lids, you will have them for years of healthy use.

Most often these leftover meals become lunch for work the following day, however in no way are you limited to that one particular option. These plastic leftover containers can also store food separate allowing you to recombine or use later as the need arises.

For instance, you can store pasta noodles in one, sauce in another, meatballs in a third. These can all be frozen to prolong their storing life and become a meal for your family a week or two down the road. Best yet, you won’t even have to cook much of anything. Simply take them out, defrost/warm as you see fit and serve.

*Helpful tip: Be sure to label your container with the name of the food and date prepared if you plan on long-term storage. This way when you open the frig/freezer a week or two down the road, you don’t have to guess what’s in the ‘mystery’ container. You can use regular sticky labels from an office supply store, or just make your own with paper and some scotch tape.

If you don’t have a healthy supply of plastic travel containers, make it a point to add them to your next shopping list. They generally aren’t very expensive if you take a moment to compare prices. You can generally find well constructed containers for about three dollars for a set of 4 or 5. Also, be sure to get different sizes of containers – large, medium, small, sandwich shape, even tiny containers to hold things such as salad dressings or sauces of travel meals.

In regards to the upkeep of your containers, try to get in the habit of immediately washing, drying and storing the container and precious lid together in the same place so nothing gets lost or misplaced. Nothing is worse than searching for a travel container and being unable to find the matching lid the next time you need to put it to use. Save yourself the headache and keep all lids and containers attached. It will make everything move so much smoother when you are packing everything away at the end of a great tasting meal.


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