How to Make Healthy Lunches For Kids

Since you can’t follow your kids around all day, making sure that they make the right nutritional choices may be difficult. One of the best ways to stay assured that your children are eating a well balanced meal can be achieved by packing your child’s lunch. Otherwise, giving your youngster money for lunch can lead to vending machine sodas, junk food or daily dose of school fries. That is why the only way to know they are eating healthy is to prepare their meal at home.

The first step towards preparation is observing what type of fruit and vegetables your kids like the best. This way if you pack that fruit you know they will most likely consume it. Also ask your kids what kind of dipping sauces they like. Kids love to dip stuff and if they get a sauce which they really love, they might be more likely to eat their fruit and veggies. The five food groups which should be included in every lunch box include protein, whole grain, fruit, vegetables, and calcium rich dairy. You can be very creative with what you create out of these five food groups and try not to make the same thing every day. Kids like variety and they will get tired of having the same thing for lunch each and every day.

Once you get your kids on a healthy eating habit, it is OK to add to their lunch an occasional bag of chips or a cookie. Simply teach your kids about the value of proper nutrition. The best way to start is to demonstrate healthy eating behaviors at home. When you cook dinners for your family, be sure that there is healthy protein along with vegetables and juice on the table. Your kids will slowly start to pick up on the healthy eating patterns.


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