Healthy Foods For Your Body: Superfruit Apricot

Of course you have heard of the Apricot. It’s a pretty common fruit and you may not consider it to be anything special especially not “super”. I thought that once. I would walk past it in the grocery store and not give it a second thought. Then I was awakened to the powerful healing properties of this fruit. Since then I vowed to make it part of my daily diet and have never felt better.

Just in case you are not familiar with the apricot it is very similar in appearance to a small peach and is dark yellow to dark orange in color. They grow on small trees about 30-35 feet tall.

Here’s the 411 on this superfruit:

1. Loaded with Beta-Carotene. Beta-carotene becomes Vitamin A in our bodies which protects and promotes healthy eyes, skin, hair, bones, and immune system.

2. Excellent source of fiber

3. Contains essential phytonutrients; phenol compounds, flavonol, and anthocyanin which are essential to the long-term maintenance of your body for optimal health and longevity.

4. Naturally low in calories

I mentioned earlier the powerful healing properties of this amazing fruit. It’s most widely used to treat constipation. I used to boil dried apricots and blend them with a little rice cereal or single grain oatmeal to treat constipation in both my daughters when they were infants, worked like a charm!

It is believed that Apricots have the highest natural levels of Carotenoids, powerful antioxidants that reduce bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and protect against cancer

Apricot is one healthy food for your body that you should eat at least once a day. You can buy them from your local grocer dried, fresh, or in juice form.

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