Healthy Fats For Green Smoothies

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One thing that vegans tend to have trouble with is getting a sufficient amount of fat in their diets. When you are not consuming any animal products, fat is not as prevalent as it is in the standard American diet. However, moderate amounts of healthy fats are a requirement for a well balanced diet. Healthy fats turn into energy and help your body to process and store certain nutrients that otherwise would not get absorbed into your system. If you find that you have trouble consuming moderate amounts of healthy fats, then you can use your green smoothies to add some into your diet.

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and beneficial of the healthy fats. It is a medium chain fatty acid that is much healthier than longer chained acids such as canola oil or animal protein. Although coconut oil is about 92% saturated fat, studies have shown that it is not stored in the intestines and does not clog arteries like long-chain fatty acids do. Coconut oil is relatively easy for the body to break down and metabolize, and it carries a wide variety of benefits. It can stimulate metabolism and help to lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the body. If you want to use coconut oil in your green smoothies, simply add in a few tablespoons when you are blending everything together.

Olive oil is one of the most beneficial and commonly available oils around. It contains a great deal of healthy fats and comes in a wide variety of colors, flavors, and price ranges. If you want to use olive oil in your smoothies it is best to start slowly since olive oil has a rather strong flavor. In addition, you may want to use regular olive oil rather than extra virgin olive oil since the flavor will be a bit milder.

Avocados are another excellent source of healthy fats. They are commonly available and inexpensive, especially in the Southwestern region of the United States. If you want to use avocado in your green smoothies simply cut an avocado in half longways, remove the pit with a knife or spoon, and scoop out the inside. Simply add it to your blender with everything else. It will help to create a smoother texture for your smoothie. If you find that your avocados are hard and not ripe when you purchase them you can leave them on the counter in a bag with a banana until they ripen.

Flax seeds are one final source of healthy fats. They can be bought whole and then ground for use a few teaspoons at a time. This is generally the best choice for smoothies since preground seeds will go rancid quickly. Grinding flax seeds releases the nutrients and makes them easier for your body to digest. The benefits of consuming flax seeds include lowered risk of breast cancer and better cardiovascular health.

Whether or not you choose to maintain a vegan diet, it is important not to overlook the importance of healthy fats. Eating moderate amounts of healthy fats enables your body to process and store critical nutrients and gives you energy to get through the day. The suggestions above will help you to incorporate healthy fats into your green smoothies.

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