Healthy Eating Guidelines – Don’t Deny Yourself

The words healthy eating guidelines might sound boring and may have some eyeballs rolling. It is not uncommon that many advocates today have pushed for celebration of the human body in any shape or size. Thus, men and women have been empowered to be more comfortable in their own skin. However, one message has not changed. The call for healthy eating has remained strong and loud. The goal of healthy eating guidelines is still unavoidable, whether one likes it or not.

Most healthy eating guidelines would require someone to give up most, if not all, of their favorite comfort food. However, this is not a realistic approach to someone already under tremendous pressure and the desire for that decadent ice cream or cheeseburger.

The body needs fats, glucose, protein, and carbohydrates, among other things. Don’t deny yourself a portion of that ice cream or cheeseburger. They are excellent sources of much needed body or brain fuel for energy and optimal mental performance. However, as a healthy eating guideline, those french fries, hotdogs, doughnuts, chips, should not be off limits as long as one consumes them periodically and in small portions. Health gurus would advise you to take everything in moderation.

One of the main things to consider in being determined to eat healthy is the consciousness of what you put inside your body. A general healthy eating guideline is to choose foods that are closest to their natural state. Steamed vegetables, baked lean meat and fresh fruit are the ideal choices. Anything that is breaded, deep-fried, and salted within an inch of its life should be taken out of your diet. Fast food offers so much refined sugar and unsaturated fats that they should be avoided on principle.

Cravings are hard to avoid so if you have one, indulge in a small portion of your most sinful comfort food. You shouldn’t torture yourself or feel guilty about it.

The term diet has so many implications, wherein, the most common is the concept of eating less. You should not think of dieting as an activity synonymous to starving yourself. The key word is healthy; the goal is eating healthy and getting a balanced diet that covers all the important food groups. All the great side effects like good clear skin, healthy lustrous hair and a firm toned body will come naturally.

One logical healthy eating guideline is to treat food as something to be savored, eat a meal slowly and take your time. Eat on the dining table, where your concentration is limited to the food. Don’t eat with the television or laptop on. Studies have shown that if you add eating to your multitasking, you tend to eat more but feel less satisfied.

Your mind is so busy with so many tasks that your body doesn’t even realize that it’s taking in food. Eating slowly enables you to be more aware of flavor and textures, this provides a more satisfying experience and you ultimately end up eating less. Now do you think healthy eating guidelines are still rubbish?


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