Guidelines for patients with neck pain

Avoid continue to sit for a long time a private sit and you are obliged to install mode neck in one direction, such as reading or writing or watching TV mode. And if it is necessary Vaatdl and rest every fifteen minutes at least and she walks a little and do some light exercise described by specialists.
Keep your head straight while sitting should be the length of the office or the table you are working on appropriate so as to prevent the curvature of your neck and it must be the office close to you.
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A small slanted wooden base put on the desk to help to read or write without curvature of the neck where what you write or read at eye level.
Ideally, to work on the computer screen to be put in position so that the level of the person sitting in front of her nose and put the keyboard so that the shoulders in a moderate mode (non Merfoaan up) and the fact that the elbow flexed ninety degrees and be relaxed wrist in a thirty degree.
Avoid placing the computer screen on one side of the office where it should be directly in front of you and so do the TV screen where you must not be in a position makes you pay attention to one side for a long time but forward.
The normal position of the head is to be one with straightening the spine in the sense that when you consider the person from the side are the ear on one line with the more shoulder neck creep forward from this situation increased the pressure on the vertebrae and neck muscles. Whenever I crawled to the head in front of one inch (2.5 cm) meant to increase pressure on the neck vertebrae bottom by the weight of the head. So Keep your head in an upright position always.

Avoid placing the headset or mobile phone between shoulder and head because that leads to an increased load on the neck vertebrae and tissues.

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