Four Sure-Fire Ways on How to Eat Healthy Foods and Lose Weight

Eating healthy foods becomes much more difficult for older people. They now have trouble in chewing; thus, leaving a limited choice of foods for them. Most of the time, foods taste differently, according to the elders, ranging from 50 years old and above.

Making healthy food choices is quite a smart move to do, now; these are recommended ways to eat healthy, even at 50:

1. Have a wide array of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

2. Include in your diet at least, half grains, and it must be whole grains.

3. Be sure to eat just small servings of solid fats, oils and sugar-rich foods.

4. Remember to always limit the saturated fat, which are mostly found in animal-based foods; or trans fats that are found in margarines, shortening, cookies, and crackers.

The Department of Health in the United States proposed two diet plans, which means having a wide array of foods from each food group. This will aid in absorbing all the nutrients you need.

The first plan is commonly coined as MyPyramid or the USDA Food Guide. It simply explains that people, who are 50 years old and above must choose healthy foods, from the following, for their everyday diet.

Fruits- 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 cups
Vegetables- 2-3-1/2 cups
Grains- 5-10 ounces
Meat/beans- 5-7 ounces
Milk- 3 cups of fat free or low-fat milk

The second diet plan is the DASH Eating Plan. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension aims to help lower blood pressure.

The amount of food that one should just eat depends directly on how physically active he is.


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