Eating Healthy With Out Going Broke

Woman shopping for organic groceries.

A lot of us are struggling in today’s economy which can make it close to impossible to have the extra money needed to buy healthy foods. I’m sure that it is no surprise to you that fresh produce is a lot more expensive than going to the nearest fast food drive-through and picking up a hamburger for a dollar. But by eating that hamburger rather than healthier food you, are actually costing yourself more in the long run. If you keep up the habit of eating unhealthy foods you may end up paying hundreds of thousands in hospital bills later for heart disease, high cholesterol, and even heart attack. In this article I will show you some great ways to buy healthy foods with out going broke.

Fruits and vegetables are so important for us. Most of the nutrients we need come from them, but buying them can be hard since they tend to be some of the most expensive foods in the store. Because of this, most people turn to buying canned fruits and vegetables. I would advise you not to do this. When fruits and vegetables are canned the manufacturers add unhealthy things to them such as extra sugar, salt, and unhealthy syrups to preserve them and make them taste better. It may be cheaper, but it isn’t the healthiest and cheapest way to go. so instead of going to the canned aisle for your fruits and veges, go to the frozen aisle! Most Grocery stores carry huge bags of frozen fruits and vegetables with very low prices. Be careful to read the ingredients label on the back of the bags though to be sure that no extra salt or sugar were added to them.

Buying local produce is a lot less expensive also. Since the produce is grown locally and sold locally, it doesn’t have to be shipped across the country which makes is a lot less expensive for the farmers and for you. Local farmers markets are all over. Go online or talk to friends to find out where one nearest to you is.

Looking for sales and comparing prices is also a great way to buy healthy foods. A lot of the time if you look in your local newspaper you can find dozens of coupons for healthy food that you normally couldn’t afford. By comparing the prices of different stores and using coupons you can save enormous amounts of money on nutrient rich foods.

By using these tips you will be able to eat healthy while on a tight budget. So the next time you go to buy healthy produce buy it either frozen or at a farmers market and the next time you go to the grocery store check the newspaper for coupons first. Your health doesn’t need to suffer just because money is tight.


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