Eating Healthy To Lose Weight Is The Road To Long Term Body Improvement

Every year more and more bears wander down from the wild into cities and towns in search of food; far too often these animals cannot be successfully returned to the wild and must be euthanized. What does this unfortunate situation have to do with eating healthy to lose weight? Far more than you might think.

In digging through trash cans, the bears come across, not the healthy, natural, unprocessed foods they eat in the wild, but the remnants of those things – which may or may not have any actual food content – humans consume on a regular basis. In doing so, they disrupt their metabolisms, sometimes too badly to recover from.

Processing Strips Away Nutrients

Now, it’s true that bears are trying to consume tens of thousands of calories in order to survive and prep for hibernation – you don’t even want to know how many huckleberries a day that can take!

This means their approach to nutrition is a little different from that of humans, but when was the last time you heard of a bear with diabetes? In the wild, eating only natural foods with single ingredients like fish and berries, they can accommodate their needs while remaining healthy.

However, when they start eating processed foods, everything goes wrong. Processing takes perfectly healthy fruits, grains, meats and so on, and strips away the kind of nutrients that our bodies process most slowly.

This energy is released in a balanced process that allows us to actually use what we get from the food, rather than having a sudden burst of energy followed by an equally rapid crash.

Why A Sugar High Isn’t The Same As Energy

Unfortunately, it’s easy to become addicted to those rapid ups and downs, so much so that when we consume an apple, our body thinks it isn’t doing us any good. It may then reject the healthy foods and put us in a cycle of constantly reaching for that next food high. This same process is what happened in the poor bears mentioned above!

The short explanation for this is that the more steps anything goes through before it hits our bodies, the faster it turns to sugar once past our lips. This makes it easier to get short-term energy from the food–but more difficult to get healthy long-term energy. This leaves us tired and with a whole lot of stored fat.

This is even worse when we then try to lose the excess weight. We move to “diet” foods or energy bars or some other highly processed substance that not only further removes the nutritional content of any given item, but replaces it with a combination of chemicals and sugar.

Check this out for yourself, virtually any packaged food that is listed as “lite” or “1/3 the calories” etc., will have sugar – or salt — at an earlier point in the ingredients list than in the “less healthy” version. That can’t be right!

Eating Healthy to Lose Weight Also Provides Nutrition And Energy

Eating healthy to lose weight is more than just an idea. Foods that are not processed, that is organic, natural, single-ingredient foods like organic eggs, grass-fed beef, fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and so on, will provide a steady supply of energy over the day.


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