Eating fish prolong life


The results of a scientific study has shown that people who eat seafood regularly live longer than others, and rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

This conclusion reached by the US Harvard University scientists, who have studied the medical information on the status of cardiovascular own three thousand people, citizens of the United States aged 65 years and over.

These included the study, which lasted 16 years, measuring blood pressure on a regular basis, and regular blood tests, and recording the incidence of heart disease and blood vessels and causes of deaths.

Department experts involved in the study into two groups: the first group included “seafood lovers”, and the second group included “Food lovers usual.” Showed Mini own disease involved and the length of the ages, that the “seafood lovers” suffering from heart problems and blood vessels less than the second group by 30 percent, as well as for the number of casualties strokes and myocardial infarction and coronary (angina pectoris).

Researchers in the study results that they spread them in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”, “says marine fish eating regularly and periodically is one of the diets and health, where’ve never studied the relationship between the level of fat fish in the blood of aging and mortality. The results of this study confirmed that fatty acids are very useful for the heart and blood vessels, especially for the elderly, where years gives them an extra life. ”

The expert points out, that it is not necessary to eat seafood daily, but enough to provide these fatty acids for the body and eat two servings of fish rich marine acids this week.

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