E-cigarettes pose alarming risks for children

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A new study has revealed that parents can play a vital role in stopping the rise of teenagers using e-cigarettes. The study conducted by Loyola University Health System Adolescent Medicine Program showed that in just a year the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes has tripled, but parents’ frank talk with their adolescents about the dangers of e-cigarettes can solve the problem.

Garry Sigman, professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Loyola University said that e-cigarettes’ marketing has the potential of hooking a whole new generation on nicotine, that tends the body to crave more and more and this generates health issues including lung disease, heart disease, hypertension as well as effects on the nervous system.

Sigman explained that parents need to ensure their children know the use of e-cigarettes should be viewed the same as other addictive substances and they should also work together to create rules and boundaries. Sigman concluded that parents cannot completely counteract the advertising and marketing campaigns targeted to youth, but they can arm themselves and their kids with knowledge.

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