Do You Recognize the 6 NEW Rules of Healthy Cooking?

If you want to remain hale and hearty, you will have to eat more and more healthy foods. Simply eating healthy foods won’t do, you will also have to engage yourself in healthy cooking in order to make healthy foods of your choice. Here are some healthy cooking tips which will help you to prepare meals for your family.

1. The first tip to healthy cooking starts with preserving the essential nutrients of food. Always preserve the essential nutrients and colors in vegetarian. Choose such methods of cooking which can help you to retain color, flavor and all the essential nutrients. One such healthy cooking method can be steaming vegetables instead of boiling them. Refrain from cooking at high temperatures as extended heat can destroy the valuable nutrients.

2. Use tomatoes, herbs, vinegar, onions, vinegar salad dressings and low fat sauces for better health. This will be beneficial for you, especially if you have high levels of cholesterol or high blood pressure.

3. Already prepared seasonings are high in salts and make you vulnerable for high blood pressure. You can replace these seasonings with spices and herbs or with some alternative seasoning mixes which are free of salt. Use citrus zest, hot chilies or lemon juice to add taste and flavor to your food.

4. Processed, canned and preserved vegetables are usually rich in sodium. Search for veggies which are low in sodium content. See to it that you get a five-a-day intake of vegetables.

5. By substituting pureed prunes, yogurt, mashed bananas and applesauce for home baked goodies you can easily bring down the fat content.

6. While using oil, always use olive oil or canola oil. Don’t forget to drain off the remaining oil while cooking. You can also drain the visible oil by blotting pan-fried foods on paper towels.

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