Cook Healthy and Stay Healthy

There are so many people who are facing health problems in this day and age. Some of the ailments like heart attacks, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes are so very common nowadays.

Most people want to remain healthy and fit and fine and yet they are clueless as to what they should be cooking in a healthy way to remain fit. This is an articles to give you some tips on what to eat and what to avoid in the best interest of your health.

Cooking healthy is not rocket science but you must consider various aspects of cooking. In fact, getting into healthy cooking also means staying out of stress. You can get many low calorie ideas and also recipes in various books and also online. This gives you access to many finger licking dishes. While these are low on calories, you will not know so as these are so very tasty and delicious to eat too.

Adding fruits and vegetables is always better as you need to avoid desserts that are fattening and also red meats. The oil you cook in should also be looked at. You need to substitute saturate fats oils with olive oil as olive oil has so many benefits for health. Meals that are high in sodium and very sugary should also be avoided. Chicken and fish are white meat and are better for eating. You can also have nuts and beans in order to enjoy healthy cooking.

Always prefer homemade food to processed food from outside. Processed foods are very high on cholesterol as well as fats. If you cook fresh at home you can make sure that ingredients are proper for your health.

Instead of fried food that is heavy you should prefer grilled food. Grilling of chicken or fish makes it quite delicious without the need for fats. If you fry the chicken or meat, you fry it in a pan of oil which adds too much cholesterol and fats which are so very harmful to health. You can also decide to bake food instead of grilling as it does not call for much fat either.

Eating barbeque meals is also great if you want tasty meals. Without added oil also it is quite delicious. You do not need any saturated fats as well as cholesterol to be added to your meal. Spices are also good as they add to the metabolic rate.


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