Beware the lack of drinking water has been detrimental to the brain

A recent scientific study showed that the lack of drinking water in sufficient quantities to cause serious damage to the body; where the water is a major part of the muscle weight and enters the cell-building and chemical reactions that you get inside. The greater the amount of water lost from the body of the brain become more vulnerable and Ohna, has rights to not fall to the ground the brain’s ability to maintain the body. And when they are not eating sufficient quantities of water per day, the cells are withdrawn from the blood; causing obstruction in the movement of blood that becomes more viscous. The study confirmed: “The water plays an important role in weight loss and the protection of human diseases, especially malignant ones.” According to Dr. Susan Kleiner US nutrition specialist, according to site the door, the water helps get rid of toxins, and resist hunger, as well as its role in maintaining joint flexibility, and prevent the formation of painful kidney stones. Also, drink a large glass of water is able to calm the nerves immediately when exposed to emotional shock or excessive pressure; where stress leads to rob the water of the body, thus generating a sense of dry mouth.

Kleiner pointed out: “The water may also help in the prevention of certain cancerous tumors .. such as breast, colon, prostate and kidney cancers; therefore recommended to take the liter and a half of water a day and avoid a lot of soft drinks because they contain salts that encourage the body to store water.” She also stressed the need to increase the daily consumption of water; especially at higher temperatures, indicating that drinking eight glasses of water a day at least help to achieve the desired benefits. Also, this study emphasized the importance of drinking plenty of water after a major effort, or when taking certain medications; lost in Germany pharmacological research confirmed that not drinking enough water with the tablets leads to the melting of the drug and spreads is that the area targeted in the body and, in some cases result in damage the esophagus.

Therefore, this research has called for the need to drink as much as a multitude of water in dealing with pharmaceutical drugs; and in order to prevent that the drug remains stuck in the esophagus. She added: “The other liquids other than water may have negative effects if they drink one after taking the medication .. especially milk; as it is to eat yogurt with the drug case leads to the Federation of calcium found in yogurt with active drug in the article .. which prevents lead work. ” Although the water syrup necessarily followed by increased urination; however, it means the beginning to take advantage of the water .. especially since the color of your urine will be in this case tilted to the light color.


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