Best Healthy Diet, Longer Life

How can we expect to go for massages and foot spas and then continue a lifestyle that will actually undermine the results of the spa in a just a second? The mind and body connection makes it that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are all interconnected, and the physical body is where they are all combined. A healthy body needs a healthy mind and that can only happen when the mind has understood what healthy means because the minds controls everything. The Romans used to live by the old adage ” Mens Sana in Corpore Sanum” meaning exactly the opposite. The mind is healthy when the body is healthy and the Romans used also to live by the pleasure of living a luscious live of pleasures of food and drinks.

Meditation, exercise, yoga, and whatever else one can find to feel physically good will contribute to make the body feel better and many people are serious about their spiritual path and practice meditation regularly,, Having a healthy diet is actually the corollary of such type of efforts. The energy that sustains the entire universe is the same energy that dwells within our physical body. In order to experience our full potential, the physical body must also be strong and that can only happen when the diet follows a few simple rules. Thoughts ( mind) replicate, emotions and affect the physical and mental health. For instance the ability to cope with stress is directly proportionate with the s of well-being of our mind and body connection. Mastering the mind such as in meditation and yoga is important. That mastery cold well enter our kitchen and gardens and our way to the market as well as extend to our little people, as children.

For the physical, this means, eating sustainable foods that provide the highest nutritional value, conducting some exercise regularly, make sure the sleeping patterns are regular and peaceful. For the mind it means engage in meditation, in positive thinking, in letting go, in looking at life with different lenses and in engaging i of new connections with people. Trying to clutter away some relationships that are non-essential or that in a certain way replicate old patterns of self-limiting beliefs. This is not complicate, this is possible in the here and the now, this is easily achievable it just requires a bit of a kick to grasp the holistic perspective of cause and effects. Try it you will be fascinated.


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