Be Smart In Choosing the Right Food For You!

Being sick these days is a big deal for us, besides from the medicine are being so expensive, also the hospital and medical services are big hassle and not affordable than before. Getting away from sickness can be as simply as maintaining the right balanced diet and eating the right foods for you and your body. Foods you must eat to complete a proper diet.


Fruits are very nutritious and can be eaten at any time; fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, they help the body to gain healthy cells and help the immune system to function well. Fruits have a fewer calories, one of the reasons why many slimmer choose to eat fruits than any other food.


This is very advisable food to eat especially those green leafy vegetables because it helps your digestive system to function regularly. Vegetables are best cooked with chicken or fish. The best method of cooking the vegetables would be steam as this keeps the most nutrition in the food.


As a vegetable whole grain, it is also good for our digestive system especially the colon. They contain fibers, which easily burn up the food inside our intestine, and they serve as a cleaner inside our digestive system, it also contains nutrients for our body.

Now that you know what foods you “must” eat on the list of proper diet, here are the lists of ‘must not’ to eat foods:


If you want to live longer stay away from beer, liquor or any other alcoholic drink that may be a cause of your illness. Alcohol will not help your body to be healthy instead; it will be the enemy of your internal organs like liver and lungs. Aside from killing your internal organs you can also gain weight because alcohol is a source of carbohydrates and lots of sugar. Now you must learn to avoid them.


Same as alcohol drinks, they are fatty foods, which are sources of high carbohydrates mean that this food is not advisable for you to eat. There are no nutrients in these foods, only fats and carbohydrates that will lead you to illness.


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