A New Life For Him With a Healthy Living and Diet

Anyone who meets him today, would immediately be struck by his gracious manner and his attractive appearance. A year ago, you might have passed him by without a second glance, or you would have felt vague sympathy for the man who tried so hard to crack jokes at his own expense. He was obviously deeply unhappy with is overweight body.

There is no such thing as being fat and happy. When he was in company, he would pretend to be outgoing, but inside he was hurting all the time. He always made sure to laugh at himself first, then the others could not do it for him.

He wasn’t a fat child, and also did not initially develop weight problems as an adult. His problems began when his wife was pregnant with their daughter; he gained 20kg during the pregnancy with her. He thought he supported her by indulging in every craving with her. He battled to shed the weight once he realized what had happened. Eventually he managed to shift the extra kilograms, but after going back to his old eating habits, his weight ballooned. He battled to recognize the slim, active man he once had been, the one with the healthy living and diet. “I did not think I overate, but my downfall was the fact that my diet was not balanced” he explains. “I ate just one meal a day, in the evenings, and I gulped down umpteen cups of tea and coffee with full-cream mils during the day. I was not deliberately avoiding food during the day, I just simply was not hungry and this because all the yo-yo dieting had wrecked my metabolism”.

When he returned home from work in the evening, he was by his own admission “absolutely famished” and then he would tuck into a huge meal, and go to bed soon afterwards. Weekends meant barbeques’ with fatty meat, potato bakes with cheese and cream. Although he was a little active, his energy expenditure was far outweighed by the amount of energy he consumed.

He was deeply unhappy with his appearance, and tried every fad diet on the market. None of which worked in the long term, and he tried to reconcile himself to his bulky shape.

On the eve of his daughter’s wedding, and desperate to look good on her special day, he went on the Cabbage Soup diet. “it was absolutely ghastly” he says as he remembers and shudders. He lost a lot of weight in time for the wedding, but afterwards he regained it all, with interest. He was heavier than ever, and because his body was so depleted of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, he ended up getting pneumonia. Ask him about it today, and he will assure you that he cannot believe what he did to his body back then.

He made his resolution to change his life at his lowest emotional ebb. I found a program that works, if you persevere at attaining your goal of a healthy living and diet. He wanted to improve his own health, his appearance and to also help my daughter who was also trying to lose weight so that she could have a baby. It just made sense for us to support each other in our goal towards healthy living and diet.

His resolve was strengthened by his sister who had joined the best weight loss program online and had also lost 55kg. She had many health problems, so she had to battle the huge odds to reach her goal weigh, it too her two years to lose over 55kg, but she attained her dream, and she looked absolutely marvelous. She always encouraged to me start the best weight loss program for me but I was sure I could do it by myself, now I know better.

I was doing it for me, but also for my wife, my sister and my daughter. They were my inspiration, the most wonder women I ever new.

Although his wife has been known to make the odd, yet affectionate crack about his ever-widening read end and stomach, her support was unswerving. She would ask me every day how it went that day, and ask him if he is a skinny or a fatty. By this meaning is he still losing weight and keeping to the healthy living and diet. She even prepared the same meals for both of them from the onset that he joined the best weight loss program online, and she was quite happy to eat what he ate. For him that was such a great help to stick to the program.

His weight dropped and his wife showed her delight by showering him with compliments. To her credit, in all their time as a married couple, she has never blamed him for being overweight, or belittled him at all. Her support during his weight loss was very special.

He touches an area that will strike a profound chord for any overweight person that of sexual appeal, or rather the lack of it. When he was overweight, he was embarrassed to undress in front of her, being too conscious of his rolls and saggy bits. Things had definitely quietened down in the bedroom, but now I have so much self-confidence again. She recently gave him a card that says on the front, “to my soul mate” and inside “to the husband who’s still got it, from the wife who still wants it”.

His son in law always says “looking good Dad, looking good there” since he started to lose the weight with the best weight loss program online. He is another unfailing source of support. And his friends also gave constant encouragement and support on his journey to healthy living and diet. They congratulated him every time they saw him and the weight has dropped off. Some admired him, but they themselves lacked the willpower to lose weight themselves. He kept telling them that if they want it badly enough, they could also do what he has done.

One friend whom he hasn’t seen for years was astounded by the transformation. He was different in every way. Slim, fit, healthy, wearing trendy clothes and he even changed his habitually grey hair to a dashing auburn. He has become a hung, and he loves every moment of it.

His achievement of losing 17.4kg in the incredibly short period of just sixteen weeks is an example to us all. He ascribes his success to sheer grit, “I worked every day, very had, and I did not allow a single deviation to my eating program. I decided I will succeed, and I gave it absolutely everything I had” he said. He has never had a sweet tooth, but the thought of chips and peanuts used to drive him nuts. Doing without the fatty, savory snacks was a big challenge.

An even greater test for him was the fact that he had an underactive thyroid gland. But he firmly believes that this should not be used as an excuse by slimmers, though, because one you have been given the correct medical treatment for the problem, successful weight loss is possible.

When he started the best weight loss program online, his goal was set at 70kg. But as the kilos melted away, and now he is a honed and toned guy that is concentrating on cardiovascular exercises. He goes to gym three times a week, he swim, cycle and run on the treadmill. His blood pressure, which was on the high side, is now perfectly normal, and he has never felt healthier.

His new found confidence expresses itself in a hugely optimistic outlook, and a desire to make a contribution to others’ physical and emotional well-being. He wants to share his story with as many people as possible to also join the best weight loss program online and start a healthy living and diet.

The best weight loss program online has given him so much. “I am absolutely passionate about it, after going on the program, my daughter was also able to fall pregnant, and she recently gave birth to a gorgeous little boy, and she only gained about 12kg during the pregnancy, and I am going to help her shed it. I will be there for her as she was there for me”

His story is an inspirational story of what determination and the power of love can achieve. He is a wonderful addition to the best weight loss program for me. If you are up to it, take our hands and we will travel the distance with you towards reaching your personal goal with a healthy living and diet.


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