3 ways to a healthy lifestyle of aging

Healthy eating, physical activity and lack of tension can help you get healthy through the pattern you get older, and so you can look and feel younger than your age real, and this is through some of the steps, which are:

1. Stay active:
Can physical activity that helps protect against bone loss and muscle, and also helps to delay or protection of some chronic diseases such as diabetes and various heart diseases, should sport exercised about 5 times a week and be between aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening exercises.

2. eating good food for your body:

1. must have half your plate filled with fruits and vegetables.
2. Drink adequate amount of water daily.
3. do not prove to deal with one set of the food, you eat all kinds of food appropriate quantity.
4. Eat whole, such as brown rice and roasted grain oats and grain.
5. Choose lean proteins, such as (seafood, poultry, eggs, light meat).
6. You must also eat other types of proteins such as nuts, grains and legumes.
7. Choose low calorie foods and of trans-fats.
8. eat great nutritional value and contains fewer calories.
9. Avoid foods filled with carbohydrates and calories, which do not contain any nutritional value.
10. Drink green tea a day (containing green tea leaves on a huge amount and focused of antioxidants, scientists believe that antioxidants such as polyphenols [the existing green tea] equivalent to free radicals in the body which helps to reduce the incidence of heart disease and pressure Blood and strokes).

3. Treat yourself and your body well: 1328845471p-300×200
1. Get adequate sleep per day.
2. I give yourself a break to work even if they are few.
3. Be around people who love and make you happy.
4. dabbled love and make you move and perform physical activity.

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