3 Shocking Food Fallacies That You Must Know

This article that you’re reading is about to slap you in the face and turn your entire dieting world upside down.

Healthy Foods.

Do you really understand what this statement means?

The chances are high if you’ve been a following a fat loss and exercise plan that you’ve been researching and taking the time to find out the best foods to include in your diet plan.

You’ve got to the point where and have got it all sorted out and all you need to do is put it all into action and hey presto, SUCCESS!

But will it really be the case?

If this was really true then why do so many people’s diets file time and time again?

One of the main causes that sees people fail in their diet attempts is due to the belief that certain foods are healthy. They mistakenly think that these so-called healthy foods will be the solution to their weight loss efforts.

When they don’t achieve the desired results frustration sets in and they begin to question whether it’s all worth it. And eventually give up altogether.

Is this you?

It’s time how to rethink the foods that you may be including in your diet and decide that you are better off with out them.

Diet is a key factor in successful weight loss and if you are making some critical errors in this process then you are surely going to be at a great disadvantage.

So let’s begin and review some of the biggest “healthy foods” that you need to get rid of now!

Problem Food Number 1 Fruit Juice

How often do you drink fruit juice thinking that it is good for your health?

We all realize that we need a lot of fruits and vegetables in our diet. But do we also believe that fruit juice is an important part of a weight loss plan?

If that is what you think then it’s time to reconsider.

The problem with fruit juice is that it lacks the fibre contained in real fruit (most of the fibre is found in the skin of real fruit), but it’s also calorie dense.

When compared to regular soda it can contain just as many calories.

Would you include soda in your diet plan?

I think not. So why include fruit juice?

While it may contain some nutrients that makes it slightly better than soda from a health perspective, from a weight loss perspective which is concerned with calories consumed verses calories expended, it’s really not any better.


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